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Brunei Dependent visa

The Brunei dependent visa is designed to allow the dependents of Brunei citizens or foreign workers to enter and remain in the country. Dependents, usually spouses and children, may apply for entry permits online or at any Immigration office. The visa is initially valid for up to 3 years and is renewable. Applicants must provide proof that they are legally related to the Brunei citizen or foreign worker, such as a marriage or birth certificate. Additionally, they must provide evidence of financial support, health insurance, and a valid passport. Approved applicants are granted a dependent visa, allowing them to enter and remain in Brunei.


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Enter and reside

Allows the holder to enter and reside in Brunei for a specific duration.

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Work in the area

Gives the right to work in Brunei with a valid job offer.

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Access to amenities

Access to a range of social services and healthcare.

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No extra fees

No additional fees or taxes due for holders of Brunei dependent visa.

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