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Nigeria Subject to regularization (STR)

The Nigerian Subject to Regularization (STR) visa is a type of temporary visa issued to those who have been living in Nigeria without a valid residence permit or legal status. This visa allows them to remain in Nigeria for a period of time while they apply for a regularization of their residence status. The STR visa also enables them to travel to and from Nigeria, as well as to take up employment in approved areas. This visa program helps to ensure the safe and legal migration of people to Nigeria, providing them with an opportunity to gain legal status in the country.


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Long stay

Allows foreigners to stay in Nigeria for up to one year.

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Investment opportunities

Allows foreign nationals to establish a business or invest in Nigeria.

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Import and export

Facilitates the movement of goods and services across the Nigerian border.

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Easy process

Offers a fast and easy way to gain legal status in Nigeria.

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