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UAE Family visa

A family visa allows the applicant to stay in the UAE with their immediate family members, including spouse and children, for a period of up to three years. It is important to note that the family visa does not include any work permits, so the applicant must have a job lined up before entering the UAE. The application process for a family visa is relatively straightforward and involves submitting documents such as marriage certificates, birth certificates, passport copies and proof of employment. Once approved, the applicant will be issued with a family visa which will be valid for the duration of their stay. The UAE family visa is an excellent way for families to explore the country together and build long-lasting memories.


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With this visa, family members can work in the UAE.

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It offers access to different services for visa holders.

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Visa-free travel

Provides holders with the ability of visa-free travels.

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Allows families to enjoy different activities in the UAE.

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