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Traveling to Hong Kong in 2024 is an experience you will not regret. Enjoy a vibrant mix of cultures, exciting activities, and spectacular views. Hong Kong is at the intersection of old and new and that is why it offers something for all travelers. From its hidden beaches and outlying islands to its incredible skyline, Hong Kong is an unforgettable destination.

Discover here 5 facts about Hong Kong together with some activities and visa types available. Immerse yourself in the interesting culture of this country and its unmatched energy on your next adventure.

Hong Kong

There are many places to travel in 2024, but here is our recommendation to travel to Hong Kong, a destination in Asia like no other.

Its British heritage is noticeable in every corner, from old-fashioned mailboxes to the street names of Hong Kong cities. However, Hong Kong city is proudly Cantonese.

Thanks to a diverse food scene, it is unmatched anywhere else on the continent. In addition, we find details such as:

  • Views of Hong Kong Island's towering skyscrapers from Victoria Harbor are simply iconic.
  • Mid-level escalators make exploring the central district's restaurants, bars, and alleys easy.
  • Kowloon's neon streets are grittier. Plus, they reward the most intrepid tourists with a closer view of the real Hong Kong.

In addition, numerous green walking areas and welcoming public beaches.

Many details about Hong Kong are important to know. Among them, the Hong Kong languages ​​or simply what time is it in Hong Kong if you are on the other side of the world. For this reason, this Hong Kong travel guide can be very useful to you.

The 5 reasons to visit Hong Kong

There are many reasons to visit Hong Kong city. In addition, you can learn a little more about the Hong Kong official languages, the Hong Kong topography, and how to get to Hong Kong on a map.

However, 5 special reasons stand out above the others and that will help you choose Hong Kong this year 2024. Therefore, we explain these reasons to you.


Hong Kong has a series of very important tourist attractions that catapult it as an important entertainment center. Among these attractions are:

Hong Kong Disneyland: This place is the dream of every child and some adults. Therefore, this must be the ideal place to start your visit to Hong Kong. Also, in this place you have the opportunity to meet your favorite Disney character.

Victoria Peak: If you want to have an incredible view of Hong Kong you have to climb Victoria Peak. This way, as it is the highest peak in Hong Kong, you can see the entire capital city in Hong Kong from there. Additionally, visitors can reach the summit via the Peak Tram.

Ocean Park: It is a theme park that extends over a large area of ​​91 hectares. Its main characteristics are the great variety of animals, with more than 5,000 fish, exciting attractions and shows.

The Big Buddha and Po Lin Monastery: The Big Buddha, also known as Tian Tan Buddha, is a huge bronze statue located near the Po Lin Monastery in Hong Kong. Additionally, the structure stands 112 feet tall and was made from more than 200 pieces of bronze.

Wong Tai Sin: It is a very popular temple that houses 3 religions, namely Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism. In this way, tourists can see the Chinese influence in its architecture. Furthermore, the design of the temple includes a golden roof, multi-colored carvings, and red pillars.

Lantau Island: If you want to relax and have a relaxing time in Hong Kong, you must visit this island. It is located at the entrance to the Pearl River. In this way, explore its sandy beaches, enjoy the countryside, go fishing, and visit the monasteries on the island.


In Hong Kong, you can find memorable dining experiences. In addition, it is known as the culinary capital of the Asian continent. Therefore, among the local dishes you can try are:

  • Sweet and sour pork: It has made its way into Chinese food and is a well-known dish in many major cities around the world. Additionally, the sweet and sour pork is cooked with a delicious orange sauce.
  • Wonton: It is a trendy snack in Hong Kong. This is a soup dish in which wontons are dipped in the form of dim sum, and filled with meat. Additionally, this soup is made with duck, chicken, or pork.
  • Dim Sum: A wide variety of Dim Sum is available in every corner of Hong Kong. These include chicken, grilled pork, vegetables, and steamed shrimp.
  • Roast goose: prepared in the authentic Cantonese style. In this way, chefs cook the goose until its skin becomes tender and its meat moist.
  • Fish Balls: This is one of the most popular street foods in Hong Kong. Also, the snack is a delight for non-vegetarians. There are even many methods to prepare fish balls, from frying them to boiling them and then dipping them in broth or curry.
  • Egg tart: Egg tarts are a delicacy for locals and tourists too. Additionally, the dish has a thick crust with a soft egg custard filling.


The capital of Hong Kong is not only known for its cuisine and its tourist attractions but also for its festivals. Some festivals available in Hong Kong are:

  • Chinese New Year: Celebrated in February, it is the largest Chinese festival celebrated in Hong Kong. Additionally, tourists can see people dressed as dragons and lions dancing in the city.
  • Dragon Boat Festival: This festival is celebrated every year on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month. Additionally, it is celebrated near Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong. Therefore, this festival attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world.


Hong Kong is home to some of the world's biggest brand stores. In addition, it has shopping centers and street markets for shoppers on a tighter budget:

  • Women's Market: A 1km long stretch of Tung Choi Street is a shopping paradise for all women.
  • Temple Street Night Market: When the sun sets, opera singers, fortune tellers, and merchants set up their wares at this vibrant street market.
  • Goldfish Street: This street is a visual delight, with kiosks and shops on both sides of the street selling all types of goldfish.
  • Stanley Market: This is an open-air market that is known for its silk textiles, Chinese-style jewelry, clothing, home furnishings, and unique gifts.


Hong Kong is known for its vibrant nightlife and major party hub. Start the night with a popular place like Lan Kwai Fong. Furthermore, the Hong Kong climate helps this. Now, it is time to discover more places to enjoy in Hong Kong:

  • Lan Kwai Fong: It is one of the most popular nightlife areas with over 90 pubs and restaurants.
  • Knutsford Terrace: This area has a long strip of lively restaurants, bars, outdoor venues, and lively nightclubs.
  • SoHo: It is a great place to visit all day long. Additionally, you can visit fascinating antique shops, fashion boutiques, and art galleries.
  • Tung Choi Street: There are bars along the street that feature Chinese-style decor. They offer dice games to play and buckets of bottled beer to share. Plus, it is a fantastic area to socialize with locals while sipping on great-value cocktails.

Types of Visas available

In Hong Kong, there are different types of visas available for you:

Traveling to Hong Kong can be a wise decision for you. Contact us to discover more about how to get your visa for Hong Kong. Our visa experts are waiting for you. 

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