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Visiting Austria during the Easter holidays is a wonderful choice for travelers. Especially for those looking for a combination of tradition, culture, and natural beauty. During this time, Austria has spring decorations and offers a variety of unique experiences. You can visit everything from Easter markets to religious processions, and to fully enjoy it you just have to read this guide.

In Vienna, the capital, you can enjoy Schönbrunn Palace and its gardens, which have an Easter market. Additionally, you can find Lainzer Tiergarten and the Vienna Zoo that are available during the holidays. In other regions of Austria, such as Salzburg and Tyrol, Easter bonfires are a tradition and smaller towns organize public events. If you want to spend Easter in a country with religious and cultural traditions of the country, Austria is the best. 

Austria’s history with Easter

There are many countries to travel to in 2024 for the Easter holidays. Therefore, Austria is a great country full of traditions and customs. In this way, it prepares to welcome Easter 2024.

Weeks ago, they bought the Easter eggs that the children will look for on Sunday. Furthermore, according to legend, it is the Easter bunny who is responsible for hiding all these eggs so that children can find them.

Although there are many traditional games, each region, each town, and even families have developed their way of having fun. In this way, the egg is a symbol of life, fertility, or renewal.

The eggs were previously offered to the goddess of spring. However, they later lost their value as offerings but were always considered an allegory of nature and the time when winter died.

Therefore, take advantage and enjoy these chocolate eggs, a variety of figures, and decorations that represent the Easter rabbit. In addition, you can search for the best ski resorts in Austria and enjoy your vacation even more.

What to do in Vienna

There are many things to do in Vienna and that is why you should know if you need any type of visa to visit the country. However, if you have everything to visit Austria, you cannot miss seeing the Vienna Easter market and everything it offers to tourists.

Additionally, you can find other relevant activities such as:

  • Blessing of food at St. Stephen's Cathedral: On Easter Sunday, all Christians in the country receive Easter sandwiches that are blessed by the priests. For this reason, go to St. Stephen's Cathedral to enjoy this great celebration.
  • Spring concert in Vienna: The Easter market in Vienna is popular, but the Vienna Symphony Orchestra's Spring in Vienna Easter concert also takes place on Easter Sunday. In addition, it is among the highlights of this season.

What to do in Salzburg

Many people wonder what to do in Salzburg during these dates. Therefore, you should know that there are many things to do in Salzburg at Easter. This makes it a great point for people visiting Austria around this time.

Salzburg offers many interesting activities for these dates. If you want to continue visiting Austria you cannot miss going to places like the Salzburg market or exploring the Salzburg castle. Plus, you can easily travel from Salzburg to Vienna and visit more iconic places.

Among other activities you can find:

  • Mount of Olives and Passion of Christ Choral Commemoration: this event takes place every year on Good Thursday and Good Friday. Additionally, this is a one-time event starting at 8:00 p.m. on Thursday and lasting until 4:00 a.m. on Friday.
  • Traditional Easter nativity scenes: Nativity scenes are common in Austria, but Salzburg has its nativity scenes. In this way, they show the Via Crucis of Jesus Christ instead of his birth. Additionally, visitors can see them at the annual exhibition at the Salzburger Heimatwerk.

Skiing in Tyrol

Tyrol is a paradise for all winter sports lovers. Nowhere else in Austria can you get offers on ski areas and ski classes as varied as here.

In this way, you can find more than 80 ski areas, each offering ideal conditions for carving professionals and amateurs. On the other hand, you can also find perfect areas for beginners who want to learn to ski.

Therefore, if you want to learn to ski these stations can be very useful for you:

  • St Anton: You can find areas ranging from beginners to track for the most experts.
  • Obergurgl-Hochgurlg: It is a winter wonderland that is ideal for families who want to learn to ski.
  • Mayrhofen: It is an ideal place for beginners to learn to ski easily. Plus, you can try more challenging tracks if you feel up to it.
  • Kitzbühel: Take the opportunity to learn to ski in the heart of the Kitzbühel Alps.
  • Sölden: Is one of the 10 largest ski resorts in Austria and allows you to learn to ski from September to May.

Other Activities

The Austria 2024 public holidays promise many interesting activities for those who wish to visit the country. This way, you can enjoy different activities from Easter Monday or eat the popular Vienna sausage.

There are many activities that you can do during your stay in Austria during these dates. For this reason, we recommend these so that you can enjoy it to the fullest:

  • Giant Prater Ferris Wheel.
  • Schönbrunn Palace.
  • Am Hof ​​Easter Market.
  • Vienna World Museum.
  • Liebstatt Sunday.
  • Passion game in Tresdorf.
  • Tyrol Easter Tombs.
  • Stinatz Easter Eggs.

If you found this article interesting, we recommend that you visit our insights section. In this way, you will find a wide variety of articles with a lot of information about visas, trips, and many more things that will be useful to you if you want to travel in 2024.


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