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Which Schengen Country is easy to get a visa?

Looking to explore Europe hassle-free? Discover the easiest visa to get for Schengen countries in 2024. 

The Schengen area is composed of 27 European countries with standardized protocols of traffic in the border controls, to facilitate the movement of thousands of people who wish to visit the wonders of these countries.

Which Countries Are Easier to Apply From?

The answer may vary depending on your country of origin or the country you hold a passport from.

Indian passport holders receive an annual invitation to Europe, with over 10 million visits. Nevertheless, certain countries such as Greece, Iceland, Slovenia, and Slovakia present hurdles as their visa applications are processed by different embassies.

On the other hand, the Philippines witnesses a favorable 80% approval rate. Belgium stands out with a higher rejection rate but still approves 83.1% of applications, making it a viable option for your European adventure.

Applying from the United Arab Emirates brings its dynamics. A visa waiver agreement allows U.A.E. passport holders easy travel to Schengen countries. However, non-U.A.E. nationals may need to navigate consulate applications in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

In each case, checking for consulate or Europe travel visa application center availability is essential. Certain countries may not provide these services in nearby areas, making it crucial to plan accordingly.

From Which Countries Is It Easier to Obtain?


With an astounding 98.7% approval rate, becomes a prime choice for applicants.


This country counts with an outstanding 98.4% approval rate.


Boasts a commendable 98.3% approval rate, its higher volume of Europe travel visa requests makes the process slightly longer.

Iceland, Latvia, and Poland

These countries also have high rates of approved applications yearly. 

The lower volume of applications in countries like Germany or France translates to shorter wait times and quicker application feedback. On the flip side, Belgium leads with a 16.9% refusal rate, yet this still translates to an 83.1% approval rate.

Which Country Gives the Longest Schengen Visa?

While the Schengen Visa allows a stay of 90-day stay within 180 days, Portugal offers a seamless visa renewal process. Allowing also a smother transition from a short-stay visa to citizenship. Basic language skills and a five-year residence requirement make Portugal an attractive destination for those seeking an extended European stay.

How to Know if a Schengen Visa Is Approved?

  1. Submission and Processing: After submitting your Schengen visa application, officials at the visa application center or embassy of the respective Schengen state will begin processing it. Typically, the processing time is around 15 days but can extend up to 30 or 60 days in certain circumstances.
  2. Tracking Your Application: You can track your Schengen visa application through various channels, depending on the outsourcing firm or embassy handling the process. Utilize online tracking tools provided by firms like VFS Global, CAPAGO, TLScontact, or BLS.
  3. Contacting the Embassy: For personalized assistance, contacting the embassy of the country you applied to is a viable option. Provide your last name and the reference number assigned during your application for detailed updates.
  4. Processing Delays: While 15 days is the usual processing time, delays can occur due to peak seasons or exceptional circumstances. If your visa tracker indicates ongoing processing after 15 days, it is generally not a cause for concern.
  5. Planning: To expedite the process, apply to countries with lower caseloads and during periods when embassies can efficiently handle applications. This strategic approach enhances the likelihood of a quicker visa approval.

By staying informed, utilizing tracking tools, and understanding the intricacies of processing times, applicants can navigate the Schengen visa approval process with confidence, ensuring a seamless start to their European journey.

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Exploring the Schengen Area in 2024 unveils a landscape of diverse travel experiences and visa processes. Discover the top Schengen countries that stand out for various reasons:

  • Germany: It continues to be a top choice for travelers seeking the easiest Schengen visa. However, bear in mind that popularity might translate to longer processing times during peak travel seasons.
  • Italy: The country provides a relatively straightforward visa application process, contributing to its reputation as one of the easiest countries for a Schengen visa. This, coupled with its iconic landmarks, makes Italy an attractive choice.
  • Lithuania: Often overlooked, emerges as a hidden gem for visa applicants. Boasting a high visa approval rate, Lithuania stands out as the easiest country for Schengen visas. Its serene landscapes and shorter processing times add to its appeal.
  • Spain: Popular for its vibrant culture, offers the quickest Schengen visa experience for applicants. While the process is generally swift, particularly outside peak seasons, Spain's diverse attractions and warm climate make it a compelling destination for 2024.
  • Sweden: The land of Abba, maintains a reputation for straightforward visa procedures, positioning itself as one of the fastest Schengen visa destinations. The country's commitment to efficiency, coupled with its scenic beauty.
  • Luxembourg: As one of the top Schengen countries for 2024, it offers a seamless experience. Travelers appreciate the efficiency and accessibility Luxembourg brings to their European journey. In other words, this is another of the easiest countries for Schengen visas.
  • Greece: The visa application process, though not the fastest, is characterized by a reasonable approval rate. Greece's unique blend of history and landscapes positions it as a captivating destination.
  • Latvia: It secures its spot as one of the top Schengen countries for those seeking an easy visa. Travelers can explore its cultural richness with the assurance of a straightforward application.

In navigating the Schengen landscape for 2024, each country offers a distinctive experience. While Germany and Italy are allured with cultural richness, Lithuania and Sweden boast simplicity in visa processes. 

Also, we recommend exploring the underrated gems like Luxembourg, and Latvia, and the timeless wonders of Greece revealing a Schengen journey full of diverse delights.

To sum up, navigate the Schengen visa journey with ease. For detailed insights and application assistance, visit Find Your Visa. Uncover the secrets to hassle-free European exploration. 

Your adventure begins with the easiest visa to get. So, sign up for expert guidance on Schengen visa applications.


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