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Albania Medical visa

Albania offers medical visas to those who are seeking medical treatment in the country. To obtain a medical visa, applicants must provide a medical report from a certified medical practitioner in their home country. This report must include the diagnosis, treatment plan, and duration of stay. Applicants must also submit a letter from the medical institution in Albania confirming that the treatment is available and that the patient is accepted for the treatment. Medical visas are typically valid for up to 90 days and can be extended if necessary. All applicants for a medical visa must also have valid travel insurance to cover the cost of any medical treatment they may require while in Albania.


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Convenient application process

Albania medical visa can be easily applied for online, saving time and effort.

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Low cost

Albania medical visa fees are much lower than other countries.

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High-quality medical care

Albania offers world-class medical care at competitive prices.

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Relaxed atmosphere

Albania is a relaxed and safe country, making it a pleasant environment for medi...
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