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Bulgaria Family Reunification Visa

Bulgaria's family reunification visa is a document that allows family members of a Bulgarian citizen to join them in Bulgaria. This visa is suitable for spouses, minor children and parents of a Bulgarian citizen. The visa application requires proof of the family relationship between the Bulgarian citizen and the applicant, proof of financial support, proof of health insurance, and a valid passport. The family reunification visa allows the applicant to stay in Bulgaria for up to three years and to work or study in the country. The visa can be renewed on an annual basis. Family reunification visas are an important tool for keeping families together and allowing them to live together in Bulgaria.


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Live in the area

Family reunification visa allows family members of foreign citizens living in Bu...
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Easy process

Application process for a family reunification visa is simplified.

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Permanent residence

Family members can apply for permanent residency after living in Bulgaria for at...
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Education and healthcare

Children of foreign citizens residing in Bulgaria are allowed to attend local sc...
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