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Costa Rica Rentista visa

Costa Rica's Rentista Visa is a great option for those looking to enjoy the country's beautiful scenery and culture without the hassle of a work visa. The visa allows applicants to enter Costa Rica and stay for up to two years with the option of renewal if they have the monetary means to do so. It requires proof of a guaranteed income from abroad, such as a pension, retirement fund, or other source of income. Once granted, it allows holders to purchase property, open a business, or stay indefinitely. 


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Unrestricted access to Costa Rica

Rentista visa holders can enter and exit Costa Rica without any restrictions.

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No requirement to stay

Rentista visa holders do not need to demonstrate an intention to stay in Costa R...
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Access to healthcare

Rentista visa holders are entitled to use the same healthcare and public service...
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No need for work permit

Rentista visa holders are not required to obtain a separate work permit in order...
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