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Grenada Short-stay visa

Grenada offers a short-stay visa for travelers wanting to visit the country for up to 90 days. To be eligible, travelers must have a passport valid for six months beyond their intended stay, and must demonstrate sufficient financial support for their stay. The cost of the visa varies depending on the country of origin and is renewable. Visitors can enjoy the culture, cuisine and natural beauty of Grenada while staying with the short-stay visa.For more assistance, reach out to the Grenada Immigration Department. About us.


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Easy and quick to obtain

The Grenada short-stay visa application process is simple and straightforward, m...
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No need to leave home

Applicants can apply for a Grenada short-stay visa entirely online, without the ...
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Reasonable cost

The cost of a Grenada short-stay visa is affordable and reasonable.

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Multiple entry options

Depending on the purpose of your stay, you may be eligible to apply for a single...
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