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Guyana Employment visa

Guyana employment visa is an immigration document that provides the holder with the right to work and live in Guyana. It is issued to non-nationals who have been approved to work in Guyana and who have been sponsored by an employer or a business. The visa allows the holder to remain in Guyana for a period of time, usually up to three years, to perform the job duties specified in the visa. For more assistance, reach out to the Guyana Immigration Department. About us.


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Easily obtainable

Guyana work visas are relatively easy to obtain, as compared to other countries.

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Low cost

The cost of obtaining a Guyana work visa is significantly lower than visas for o...
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Simple application process

The application process for a Guyana work visa is straightforward and simple.

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The Guyana work visa allows for flexibility in terms of employment and residence...
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