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Latvia Family visa

Latvia offers a family visa for those wishing to bring their family to the country. This visa is for those who are related by birth or marriage and are planning to stay in Latvia for more than 90 days. Applicants must meet certain criteria, including a valid passport, proof of relationship, and proof of financial support. Once approved, the visa holder and their family can stay in Latvia for up to a year. This visa is a great way for families to reunite in Latvia or to start a new life in the country.


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Stay together in Latvia

A family visa allows immediate family members (spouse and children under 18) to ...
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Access to healthcare system

A family visa enables family members to access Latvia’s public healthcare system...
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Opportunities to work

A family visa allows family members to apply for work permits in Latvia.

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Access to education

A family visa provides family members with the opportunity to enroll in Latvian ...
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