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Liechtenstein Airport transit

Liechtenstein Airport Transit Visa is a visa for people who are travelling through Liechtenstein to another country and do not intend to stay or work in the country. The visa allows the holder to transit through the airport without having to apply for a regular visa. Transit visa holders can usually stay in the country for up to 24 hours. They must have a valid passport, airline ticket and all the necessary documents for their destination. This visa is only available for those who have a direct flight to and from Liechtenstein.


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Pass through the area

Allows travelers to pass through Liechtenstein Airport for up to 24 hours withou...
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Short-term stay

Allows travelers to stay for short-term layovers.

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Connect flights

Offers a quick and easy way to connect to other international flights.

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Save time and money

Can save travelers time and money when transiting through Liechtenstein Airport.

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