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Mexico Retirement visa

Mexico offers a retirement visa for those looking to spend their retirement in a sunny and culturally rich country. The visa allows those who meet certain requirements to live in Mexico for up to four years and renew the visa as desired. The requirements include proof of sufficient income, a clean criminal record, and proof of medical insurance. The visa also allows access to Mexico's excellent healthcare system and retirement benefits. Mexico is an ideal destination for those seeking to enjoy a relaxed lifestyle in a great climate and culture.


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Access world-class healthcare

Mexico's public healthcare system is respected worldwide for its quality and aff...
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Cost of living savings

The cost of living in Mexico is significantly lower than in other developed coun...
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Tax advantages

As a resident of Mexico, you can be exempt from taxes on income earned abroad.

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Climate and culture

Mexico's climate is perfect for those looking to retire and the country's vibran...
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