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New Zealand Family Visa

Family Visas are special permits that allow family reunions with close relatives who live in New Zealand. These visas cover dependents of New Zealand citizens or residents, for instance, spouses, partners, children, and parents, who can then accompany their relatives in the country. The family visa categories include general family visas which encompass partner visas, parent visas, and child visas which are specially designed to cater for differing family relationships and circumstances. The procedure of the application usually deals with proving the ties to the family, meeting the requirements for medical and character, and crossing the financial criteria.


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Family Reunification

Family visas enable people to reconnect with their relatives who have been livin...
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Integration Support

Visa holders for the most part get help to be part of the New Zealand community.

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Stability and Security

Family visas make it possible for visa endorsers to remain stable and safe in Ne...
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Cultural Enrichment

Visa holders can enjoy and learn about the country through its culture, customs,...
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