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Pakistan Talighb (eVisa) visa

Pakistan's e-Visa/Tourist Visa is a type of travel visa that allows foreign visitors to visit Pakistan for tourism and leisure purposes. It is an online visa that is valid for three months from the date of issuance and allows multiple entries. It is an easy and convenient way to apply for a visa and is available to citizens of over 180 countries. It is also a cost-effective way of getting a visa for Pakistan as the application fee is relatively low. The e-Visa/Tourist Visa provides an ideal way for foreigners to explore the rich culture and heritage of Pakistan.


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Easy application process

Pakistan Talighb visa applicants benefit from a simple, paperless online applica...
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Fast approval times

eVisa applications are usually approved within just a few days.

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Low cost

eVisa fees are highly affordable, making them an attractive option for budget tr...
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Increased convenience

Talighb visa holders are allowed to visit multiple countries in the region durin...
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