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Saint Lucia Residence permit

Saint Lucia offers a residence permit to individuals who are looking to establish long-term residence in the country. The permit allows for a range of benefits including the right to live, work and study in Saint Lucia, as well as access to health, education and other social services. It is easy to apply for the residence permit, and the process is straightforward and secure. Once the permit is granted, it is valid for a period of five years and can be renewed every five years. With the Saint Lucia residence permit, individuals can enjoy the benefits and advantages of living and working in this beautiful Caribbean country.For more assistance, reach out to the Saint Lucia Immigration Department. About us.


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Foreign income is exempt from taxation in Saint Lucia, making it a popular choic...
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Saint Lucia is a safe and secure island nation with a low crime rate.

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A residence permit in Saint Lucia grants holders access to over 130 countries ac...
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Quality of Life

The island boasts stunning scenery, a tropical climate, and a relaxed lifestyle.

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