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South Africa Spousal Visa

A South African spousal visa is a type of visa which allows a foreign spouse to accompany their partner who is a citizen or permanent resident of South Africa. This visa grants the holder the right to live and work in South Africa for a period of up to four years. The process of applying for a spousal visa is relatively straightforward and applicants must provide evidence of a valid marriage certificate and financial stability. In addition, the applicant must also undergo a medical examination and provide a police clearance certificate. Once the application is approved, the visa holder can live and work in South Africa for the duration of the visa.


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Allows foreign partner to live and work in South Africa for an extended period o...
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Family reunification

Allows for long-term family reunification for the holders.

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Spousal visa holders may apply for permanent residency after five years of livin...
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Employment liberties

No restrictions on the type of employment that can be undertaken by spousal visa...
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