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Thailand SMART visa

The Thailand SMART Visa is a new program designed to attract highly skilled professionals from around the world to live and work in Thailand. The program offers a 4-year multiple-entry visa, work permits, and other benefits to eligible professionals. It is open to digital nomads, startup entrepreneurs, investors, and high-skilled professionals from a variety of industries. With its favorable tax system, diverse culture, and growing economy, Thailand is a great destination for professionals looking for a new home. The Thailand SMART Visa is an excellent opportunity for professionals to experience all that Thailand has to offer.


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Fast-track visa processing

Applicants are eligible for expedited visa processing times.

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Access multiple-entry visas

Applicants can apply for multiple-entry visas, allowing for multiple visits to T...
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Tax incentives

Qualifying applicants may be eligible for tax incentives and lower tax rates.

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Education opportunities

Qualifying applicants can access educational and development opportunities in Th...
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