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Uganda Tourist visa

Uganda offers a tourist visa which allows travelers to visit the country for a period of up to 90 days. The visa is available for both single and multiple entries, and can be applied for either online or at the Ugandan Embassy. The visa is valid for tourism and business purposes, but does not enable the visitor to work or study in the country. Travelers will need to provide proof of sufficient funds for the duration of their stay, as well as proof of a return ticket. Those wishing to stay longer will need to apply for an extension at the Ugandan Immigration Department.


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Wide access

Unrestricted access to Uganda's unique natural attractions, such as Mountain Gor...
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Easy processing

Ease of obtaining visa upon arrival with minimal paperwork.

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Experience the culture

Opportunity to experience the vibrant culture of Uganda, including traditional m...
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Adventure activities

Access to a wide range of adventure activities, including rafting, safaris, and ...
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